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ROBERT CROCKER | «Somebody Else’s Problem»

«Consumerism promises a shortcut to a 'better' life through the accumulation of certain fashionable goods and experiences. Over recent decades, this has resulted in a rising tide of cheap, short-lived goods produced, used and discarded in increasingly rapid cycles, along the way depleting resources and degrading environmental systems.
Somebody Else’s Problem calls for a radical change in how we think about our material world, and how we design, make and use the products and services we need. Rejecting the idea that individuals alone are responsible for the environmental problems we face, it challenges us to look again at the systems, norms and values we take for granted in daily life, and their cumulative role in our environmental crisis.
Robert Crocker presents an overview of the main forces giving rise to modern consumerism, looks closely at today’s accelerating consumption patterns and asks why older, more ‘custodial’ patterns of consumption are in decline. Avoiding simplistic quick-fix formulas, the book explores recommendations for new ways of designing, making and using goods and services that can reduce our excess consumption, but still contribute to a good and meaningful life». +.

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«This report presents an updated overview and analysis of air quality in Europe. It is focused in the state in 2015 and the development from 2004 to 2015. It reviews progress towards meeting the requirements of the air quality directives. An overview of the latest findings and estimates of the effects of air pollution on health and its impacts on ecosystems is also given».

A propósito do relatório:

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«Sustainable Development Goals: Are the rich countries ready?»

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« how to achieve ‘integrated thinking’ across governance, strategy, performance and future prospects and how this translates into a narrative that facilitates informed investment decision making»

«On 6-7 December 2016 the International Integrated Reporting Council, in partnership with the International Corporate Governance Network, is hosting a conference that will address how to properly integrate the consideration of long term value drivers in pursuing the success of companies – ultimately contributing to a more sustainable capital market system.
The conference will be held at the Tower Hotel, London, reserve your place now by registering here.
Highly experienced commentators from corporate boards, management, investment, audit and assurance will share their perspectives on how to achieve ‘integrated thinking’ across governance, strategy, performance and future prospects and how this translates into a narrative that facilitates informed investment decision making». Saiba mais.

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«En parallèle avec les négociations, la COP22 accueille un grand nombre d'événements et d’expositions, s’articulant tous autour du changement climatique. Initiée par l’Association Arkane Maroc, "ArtCOP22" est une exposition inédite de tableaux, sculptures, photos et installations dans la zone verte réservée à la société civile à Bab Ighli. 
L’occasion pour des artistes venus des cinq continents d’exprimer leur vision du changement, et faire part de leurs propositions face au défi climatique» . Saiba mais. 

«The following multi-disciplinary workshops are held for artists : painting, photography, video art, screen-printing, monotype, engraving, plants, etc. Artist invited in residence are selected as follows, their talent, their creativity, and the engagement on the artistic scene.
Arkane Africa campaigns for Art and all forms of free artistic expression. For the Occasion of COP22, it has formed a coalition of artists, and international arts associations, with the objective of creating a large-scale, artistic event in the civil society zone area. Combining the international exhibition “World Art Coop Expressions” (WACE) with the second stage of the second edition of Arkane Africa.
Visitors can admire works from over 50 artists from the continent of Africa (South Africa, Algeria, Benin, Burkina, Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, etc.)
The artists, known and emerging, present a selection of contemporary art raising public awareness around climate questions showing the size and scale of the continent.
This exhibition is a veritable ecological and artistic tribute, whose ambition is to contribute to raising conscience and emancipating of humanity.
Paintings, sculptures, photographs….One would like to get lost in the this 500m2 labyrinthe, and discover at each turn works that speak through their aesthetic or message». Tirada daqui.

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«How Integrated Reporting Is Changing The Role Of The Accounting Profession»

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«Accounting for Sustainability |Guidance for Higher Education Institutions»

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O estudo é de 2003 mas, a nosso ver,  ganha-se em voltar a ele. De facto:
«The purpose of this publication is to provide an introduction to techniques that enable non-financial (ie environmental and social) considerations to be integrated into traditional financial accounts. Trials of techniques for integrating environmental considerations into traditional accounts have been under way for some years. Methods for broadening these techniques to include social and other non-financial considerations is at an early stage. Sustainability accounting embraces social, economic and environmental dimensions, and strives to address all three dimensions at the same time. Achieving sustainable development means progressing all the dimensions together. Recognising the pioneering nature of this work, and in accordance with the statement of recommended practice (SORP) for higher education, this guide explores the latest thinking about sustainability resource flows, assets and liabilities and offers guidance on implementing sustainability accounting in higher education». 

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«Before the Flood»

Sobre o Documentário:

Documentário de Leonardo DiCaprio sobre alterações climáticas faz sucesso na Internet

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«Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership»

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«We are an institution within the University of Cambridge

Across complex and connected issues, we challenge, inform and support leaders from business and policy to deliver change towards sustainability.
We help influential individuals, major organisations and whole sectors develop strategies that reconcile profitability and sustainability and to work collaboratively with their peers not only to develop solutions to shared challenges but also catalyse real systems change». 
E do muito que no site do Instituto se pode ver e aprender:

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LUISA SCHMIDT | «Portugal: Ambientes de Mudança» | LANÇAMENTO | 2 NOV 2016 | 19:00H | CCB | LISBOA

Ao longo destes 26 anos, alguns problemas ambientais revelam uma inquietante persistência na sociedade portuguesa: saneamento básico, poluição dos rios, ocupação do litoral, de bons solos agrícolas e de áreas naturais, suburbanização imparável, grandes incêndios são problemas que nunca saem da agenda por nunca se chegarem a resolver. 

Organizado em nove grandes temas - «Águas, esgotos e tratamento», «Resíduos: urbanos, industriais, hospitalares»; «Ares, poluições e saúde pública», «Alterações climáticas, das emissões às políticas», «Energias, das clássicas às renováveis», «Ordenamento do território e paisagem», «Conservação da natureza, floresta e biodiversidade», «Litoral e o mar» e «Cidadania, participação e informação» - este livro explica-nos o que melhorou, o que se mantém e o que piorou em matéria de ambiente em Portugal. Saiba mais.

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